ALLETTE's essence is deeply intertwined with a rich cultural heritage of garment creation that traces its origins back to the Windrush era in Yorkshire. Our brand's roots are firmly planted in the fertile soil of a Caribbean family background steeped in the craftsmanship of tailors, textile workers, and menders. This ancestral lineage forms the very bedrock of our identity, serving as a poignant reminder of the legacy we honor.

We take immense pride in paying homage to these remarkable origins, and they serve as the precedent for what sets ALLETTE apart as something truly exceptional. Our designs seamlessly weave together the vibrant spirit of our Caribbean roots with the innovative fashion landscape of Northern UK. This harmonious fusion not only celebrates our heritage but also propels us forward, allowing us to create garments that resonate with a timeless allure, reflecting both our enduring traditions and our commitment to redefining contemporary style.